Wildflowers in the Ozark Mountains and the Buffalo National River

One of the many jewels in Harrison, Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains is our large number of wildflowers. Wildflowers in the Ozarks produce new blooms every week for 8 months out of the year, making it perfect to visit almost any time of the year. There is always something new to see with our constantly changing scenery. With hundreds of miles of maintained back roads, hunting wildflowers is something the whole family can enjoy. Wildflower checklists are available at any ranger station or visitors center, but we've listed a few to get you started. Have fun and happy hunting!

For more information on Arkansas Wildflower or for the Wildflower Routes, go to the Arkansas Highways Wildflower Program website.

Wildflower Species

Carolina Larkspur
(Delphinum carolinium)

4' tall. Blooms May-July. These spurred flowers may be deep blue, reddish-blue, or white. Native perennial. OZ, OU, CP.

Mexican Hat
(Ratibida columnifera)

2-3' tall. Blooms June-October. A widely planted form of a native perennial. Statewide.

Queen Anne’s Lace
(Daucus carota)

1-4’ tall. Blooms May-frost. This is the ancestor of the cultivated carrot. Introduced biennial. Statewide.

Black-eyed Susan
(Rudbeckia hirta)

2-3’ tall with one 2” flower head on each hairy stem. Blooms May- October. Native biennial or short-lived perennial. Statewide.

Showy Evening Primrose
(Oenothera speciosa)

1-2’ tall. Blooms April-July. White or pink flowers. Native perennial. Statewide.

Pale Purple Coneflower
(Echinacea pallida)

3’ tall. Blooms May-July. Native perennial.. OZ, OU, CP.

Lance-leaved Coreopsis
(Coreopsis lanceolata)

3’ tall. Blooms April-June. Native perennial. Statewide.

(Cichorium intybus)

4’ tall. Blooms May- October. This European native’s roots are sometimes used as a coffee substitute or additive. Perennial. OZ, OU. Wild Chicory flowers, in shades of sky-blue, pink and white, can be found blooming across the Ozark Mountains spring through fall, and are one of the area's most recognized edible flowers. Similar to dandelions in many ways, including leaf shape have a history of being used as a medicinal treatment for several liver conditions. The leaves and root can also be consumed and the milky sap has often been used to promote lactation in breastfeeding women.

Rough Blazing Star
(Liatrus aspera)

3’-4’ tall. Blooms July-October. The unopened flower buds resemble small cabbages. Native perennial. Statewide.

Cardinal Flower
(Lobelia cardinalis)

3’ tall. Blooms August-October. This flower attracts hummingbirds. Native perennial. Statewide.

Arkansas Beard Tongue
(Penstemon arkansanus)

Less than 2’ tall. Blooms April-June. The 3/4” whitish flowers have lavender streaking. Native perennial. OZ, OU.

Purple Coneflower
(Echinacea purpurea)

Up to 4’ tall. Blooms from June-October. The ray flowers are more purple than those of pale purple coneflower. Native perennial. OZ, OU.

Downy Phlox
(Phlox pilosa)

2’ tall. Blooms April- July. Flowers can be pink, pale pink, or sometimes white with purple centers. Native perennial. OZ, OU, CP.

Spider Lily
(Hymenocallis caroliniana)

3’ tall. Blooms May-August. These large white flowers have a distinctive spider-like shape. Native perennial. OU, GP, AP.

Rose Vervain
(Glandularia canadensis)

Plants less than 2’ tall. Blooms March-September. The source of many garden hybrids. Native perennial. OZ, OU, CP, AP.

Indian Paintbrush
(Castilleja coccinea)

1-2’ tall The bracts that surround the small flowers display brilliant colors. Blooms April-June. Native annual. Found on prairies in the OZ, CP, AP.  One of the best places to view the Indian Paintbrush is at Baker Prairie that is owned by the Nature Conservacy. 

Wild Bergamot
(Monarda fistulosa)

2-4’ tall Blooms June-September. Also called Bee Balm. Flowers pinkish, lavender, or lilac. Statewide.

(Solidago canadensis)

4-6’ tall. Blooms July-September. Native perennial. Statewide.

Ohio Spiderwort
(Tradescantia ohiensis)

Stems 3’ tall. Blooms May-July. So named because the internal jellylike substance resembles a spider’s web. Native perennial. OZ, OU, CP.

Plains Coreopsis
(Coreopsis tinctoria)

3’ tall. Blooms June-September. Native annual. Statewide.

Bird’s Foot Violet
(Viola pedata)

6” tall. Blooms April-May. This violet occurs in several different colors: light violet, dark violet, or dark violet with 2 dark purple petals. Native perennial. OZ, OU, CP.

Butterfly Weed
(Asclepias tuberosa)

1-2’ tall. Blooms May- September. Flower’s nectar attractive to butterflies. Native perennial. Statewide.

Ox-eye Daisy
(Chrysanthemum leucanthemum)

2 ” flower heads. Blooms May-July. Introduced perennial. OZ, OU, CP.

(Bidens aristosa)

1-6’ tall. Blooms August-November. This late bloomer is often found in large stands. Native perennial. Statewide.

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November 16, 2018