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Birding in Harrison and the Ozark Mountains is an extremely popular activity. Over 200 species of birds make their home in the Ozarks for some part of the year, while many birds live here year round. The Ozark Mountains hardwood forests, pine forests, and stream sides provide a wonderful habitat for the large number of species of birds found in the area.

While bird watching is becoming more and more popular, here are some tips that might make it go a little easier for you and a list of locations bird watchers frequent often.

  • You will need binoculars (all the pro birders suggest binoculars)
  • You will need to know what to expect in your area (checklists of birds in the area should tell you this)
  • You need to be able to find the birds (you should learn the habitat each species of bird prefers)
  • Record your bird sightings (this keeps track of what birds you saw on what time of the year)
Bird Checklist
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Birding Locations

Lake Harrison

Location: Downtown Harrison, Arkansas

Its species include Duck, Yellow crowned Night Heron, Green Herons, Bufflehead, and Ring-billed Gulls. The lake also includes walking trails and a park.

Baker Prairie

Location: Harrison, Arkansas
Web site:

Baker Prairie was added to the Arkansas System of Natural Areas in 1991. It is a 71-acre tract, the largest remnant of a prairie of the same name that once occupied about 5,000 acres in Boone County.

Tucker Holler Boat Dock Area

Location: Bull Shoals Lake

Bald Eagles and Mergansers are common there in the winter

Lead Hill Boat Dock Area

Location: Diamond City on Bull Shoals Lake

Painted Buntings, Orchard Orioles, Yellow Breasted Chats, Prairie Warblers, and Bald Eagles have all been found in this area.

Buffalo National River Area

Location: Ponca, Ar. south of Harrison

Bird Checklists are available at any ranger station or visitor center.

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November 16, 2018