Heritage Museum

Boone County Heritage Museum

124 South Cherry St., Harrison, AR 72601

Visit the Boone County Heritage Museum and experience the wonderful and unique history of the Ozark Mountains and Harrison, AR.  The Boone County Heritage Museum features exhibits from the earliest settlers to the area and depicts how the Harrison forefathers colonized the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.  The historic museum also features exhibits from Harrison's railroad past, a war room that highlights the role that Boone County and Arkansas soldiers played in the Civil War, the two World Wars and other conflicts since.  Be prepared to find something new in every room throughout the Boone County Heritage Museum as you explore the original, historic Harrison High School building.

Boone County Heritage Museum   Henry Starr Gun  Boone County Heritage Museum  Boone County Heritage Museum

Boone County Heritage MuseumBoone County Heritage Museum

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1:23 am
December 12, 2018
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