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Harrison, Arkansas is an excellent location for business and the perfect place for your company.

Just a few of the reasons that make Harrison and Boone County a natural location include: a quality workforce, exceptional schools, vibrant business community, pro-business environment and an unequaled quality of life.

All of these positive attributes are found within the booming economic development market of the South Central United States.

Labor, Industry and Retail

  • Home of North Arkansas College dedicated to working with business and industry to provide a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for Harrison and Boone County, Arkansas.
  • Local Economic and Retail Development team prepared to assist new and expanding business and industry.
  • Boone County Airport has the 4th largest runway in the State of Arkansas to serve business and industry needs.
  • Home to many large corporations that help to support a vibrant economy.
  • Harrison has over 125,000 people in the immediate service area.

Quality of Life

  • Nationally recognized as one of the "Best Small Towns in America".
  • Harrison's downtown is a National Historic District and many homes, buildings and businesses are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Boone County has a population of approximately 36,000 people and Harrison has a population of approximately 13,000.
  • Five major lakes and three major rivers are within 60 miles or less radius for fishing and entertainment.
  • Boone County boasts two 18-hole golf courses and many others within a fifty mile radius.
  • Harrison and the area have abundant outdoor activities for you to enjoy.
  • Harrison has a vibrant arts and entertainment community lead by the 1929 Lyric Theater in downtown Harrison.
  • Sports for both youth and adults are prevalent in Harrison with three major sports complexes available that host leagues and tournaments.

Top Employers

  1. FedEx Freight East, Inc.- Trucking and distribution
  2. North Arkansas Regional Medical Center - Medical services
  3. Wal-Mart, Inc.
  4. Pace Industries- Aluminum die-casting
  5. Claridge Products and Equipment , Inc. - Markerboards, chalkboards and bulletin boards
  6. Windstream - Telecommunications
  7. Wabash Wood Products - Trailer floor manufacturing
  8. North Arkansas College - Education
  9. Flexsteel Industries, Inc. - Furniture
  10. WestRock Company - Folding Paperboard Cartons


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November 16, 2018