Fall Colors

Fall Colors in Harrison, Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains

Why Harrison?
Harrison, Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains surrounding the area come alive with brilliant vivid color in the fall months. Oranges, reds, yellows and greens dot the landscape with vibrant color. A relaxing drive up and down Harrison's many scenic highways will energize your visual senses with spectacular sights of the rolling hills and deep valleys of color.

"What should I do while in Harrison?" The most popular way to enjoy Harrison and Ozarks' fall colors is to take a leisurely drive or motorcycle ride down the Scenic Highways, hike the many Ozark trails throughout the  Buffalo River National Park, take a walk through Maplewood Cemetery or stroll along the banks or walking trail of Lake Harrison. Whichever avenue you take, you will enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery the Ozarks has to offer.

"Why should I visit Harrison?" Maplewood Cemetery is one of the most photographed locations in the area during the autumn color season and is a must-see while in Harrison with over 700 mature Sugar Maple trees throughout the grounds. Families, tour groups, walkers and photographers alike enjoy this peaceful, colorful experience. Also, Whitaker Point Trail, aka Hawksbill Crag is among the most photographed locations and was just named "One of the Top 50 Views in America" by Backpacker Magazine.

"When will the leaves be at their peak?" Knowing when the peak color will occur is challenging, but here is what we do know: The majority of the Hardwoods will peak, depending on weather, anywhere between late mid to late October and early November which means their transformation is beginning now. The state website www.Arkansas.com, with the help of their color spotters, provides visitors with a weekly fall color update.

"What colors do the trees turn?" The Blackgum turns red, Sassafras turns red, orange, or yellow, Sweetgum turns red, yellow, or purple, Red Maple turns red, yellow, or orange, Dogwood turns brownish red, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak turn red, Virginia Creeper turns red, Sumac turns red, Buckeye turns yellowish brown, Walnut turns yellow and American Wild Plum turn yellow and are the first varieties to show color. These varieties of plants usually react strongly to fewer hours of sunlight as the fall days grow shorter.
2:08 am
March 29, 2017