Antique Shopping

Antique Shopping

With such a rich history, its no wonder Harrison, Arkansas and the surrounding Ozark Mountains has an abundance of antique stores and flea markets.  From antique toys to antique furniture, you can find it all at the local antique shops in Harrison. While visiting Harrison, make sure you stop in at the local antiques and flea markets; you will be surprised by what you will discover!

Back Street Trader

Address: 204 W. Stephenson - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.743.3399

Down Home Creations

Address: 108 E. Stephenson Ave. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.704.4000

Downtown Treasures

Address: 124 N. Willow St. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.743.6076

The Good Stuff

Address: 1021 N Main St. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.741.0062

Post Oak Antiques

Address: 1629 Hwy 62-65 N. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.741.7766

Junk-Shun Barn Flea Market

Address: 4242 Hwy 65 S - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.743.6865

Before & Again Antiques

Address: 600 S Pine St. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.715.9180

Lovejoy Collectibles

Address: 3220 Hwy 62-65 N. Suite 2 - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.204.6300


Address: 208 W Stephenson Ave. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.741.1445

Bob's Consignment

Address: 225 E Stephenson Ave. - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.741.3249

Shady Rest

Address: 15 Shady Rest Ln - Harrison, AR
Phone: 870.741.8918

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April 30, 2016